3-year-old Found Wandering in Street as Mom Partied at Bar

Orlando,FL - An Orlando-area mom was arrested after her three-year-old son was found wandering the streets after she allegedly left him home alone to go party.
WFTV reports 24-year-old Nicole Finnell's son Daniel was found by a passer-by barefoot and running around in the street on Saturday night. Caleb Rosario says he could barely believe it when he and his sister spotted the child. "I'm surprised the baby wasn't dead already," Rosario told WFTV.
Police say Finnell left her sleeping son in her home alone with the door unlocked and went to a bar and a house party.
"Apparently she waited until he went to sleep and then left him here and locked the door, and he can unlock the door," her father Scott Finnell told WFTV. Scott Finnell says his daughter told him she had left her son with a babysitter, but he believes she is lying. He believes his grandson was feet from death when he was found.
Police re-traced the baby's steps and found Nicole Finnell's house with the door unlocked. While they were investigating, they say Nicole Finnell showed up with a car full of friends, but told them to keep driving.
She is facing child neglect charges and is in jail on a $1,000 bond. Her father, who was awarded temporary custody of Daniel, says he has no plans to bail her out.

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