Disabled Vet Felt Humiliated

SACRAMENTO, CA - A Marine Corps veteran who lost partial use of his right arm in a roadside bombing says he was humiliated by a State Capitol security screener who asked him twice to remove his uniform jacket.
Nathan Kemnitz, 29, who retired as a decorated corporal following the 2004 bombing in Iraq, was wearing his dress blue Marine uniform on his way to be honored as a Veteran of the Year by the State Assembly on June 26.
"(The screener) kind of looked around on me and said, 'Whoa. There's a lot of metal on you,'" Kemnitz recalled. He said the screener was insistent about him taking off the jacket.
"Even getting into that uniform, somebody had to help me," Kemnitz said. "Definitely with one (arm) I could not do it myself."

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