One Twin Born in 2011, Second in 2012

TAMPA - Twins Jenna and Leah Bear have near-perfect timing. “It is a great way to end the previous year and to start the New Year,” said the girls' mother, Jocelyn Bear. “I can’t imagine a better way.” As improbable as it may sound, baby Jenna was born at 11:59 on New Year's Eve. Then as the clock ticked and the ball dropped, so did her sister -- Leah, at midnight, January 1, 2012.
“The chances of it happening are very slim, but it’s pretty amazing," Jocelyn added.
Leah was the first baby born in the Tampa Bay area in the New Year. “It is a complete surprise,” said proud poppa Blake Bear. “We weren't expecting it.”
They were expecting twins of course; it was the timing that came as a surprise.
“Even when they came out, I didn't think they'd be first babies of the New Year until they told me,” Jocelyn recalled.
Tampa General Hospital's Dr. Kiran Rao delivered the healthy siblings by Cesarean section. It's the first time he's ever delivered a baby on New Year’s Day.
“It was actually a happy coincidence we got one baby, and honestly if Leah had been head-first, they would've got two tax write-offs [for 2011] instead of one," Rao joked.
Both babies are doing well and their parents say that's what's most important.
“Having the New Year’s baby is pretty special, but just having two healthy babies is the best thing for us.”

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