Tejano Family vs Mexican Family and All The Neighbors











Tejano Family vs Mexican Family and All Neighbors

Soto vs. Ceja and all the neighbors on Nixon Street in the City of Pasco where the evidence shows that the Soto family are not victims of harassment as reported to the newspaper La Voz, the evidence from the newspaper's investigation, documents from the Superior Court and Pasco police department information is that the victims of harassment and others are the Ceja family and all the residents of Nixon Street, most of whom are "Mexican."

PASCO, WA. - Since Eutiguio and Alma Ceja's family arrived on Nixon Street 7 years ago and they have never felt comfortable and many sleepless nights from so many problems that the Juventino and Imelda Soto family who live west of the city began to have with their neighbors. Ceja family home. The two families are hard-working people with the Soto family, Father Juventino Sr. working in Costco’s and the lady of the house Imelda Quesada-Soto at DSHS, the Cejas, Father Eutiguio in construction of Insolation with the Smiths Company of Walla Walla and Alma Ceja working cleaning houses.

If there is a race difference, it is that the Sotos are from the Texas Valley of the City of McAllen and the Ceja family from Nayarit, Mexico, the Soto family like and listen to Tejano music and the Ceja family Mexican music, preferable Banda. But, both with Mexican blood and relatives born in the United States and others born in Mexico.
The problems began days after the Ceja family arrived at their new home on Nixon Street and, according to the Soto family, accusing the Ceja family of driving their cars in front of their house and taking over their parking lot, where the Ceja family denied it, and that it was a lie.

The Ceja family is accusing the father of the house Juventino Soto, that he is always harassing his daughter Zulma Ceja since she was in High School, and that the son Juventino Jr. follows her to school and harassing her, saying rude things like “what I’m going to do to you tonight” and I would like to throw it on ”the same words of“ What body do you have, mamacita ”where Zulma Ceja reported Jr. Soto to the school and to the police, but they never did anything and were concerned for his safety. Juventino Sr and Jr. denied the Sotos' allegations.

The Ceja family accusing the father of the house Juventino Soto that he is always harassing his daughter Zulma Ceja since she was in High School and that the son Juventino Jr. follows her to school and harassing her, saying rude things like “the things I'm going to do to you tonight ” and“ I would love to sleep with you ”and  “What a sexy body you have, mamacita” where Zulma Ceja reported Jr. Soto to the school and to the police, but they never did anything and were concerned for her safety. Juventino Sr and Jr. denied the Sotos' allegations.

Pasco Police Calls

The police never found evidence of the many accusations on the part of the Sotos, at one time Imelda Quezada Soto the mother of the family called the police that the children of the neighbors were destroying her car parked on the street and that she had a video. When the Pasco police arrived, they asked Imelda Soto for the video and they only saw that the children were burning fireworks in the street in the video and did not see the evidence from Imelda Soto’s video. The police asked them to move the children from the front of the Sotos' house to avoid problems, but that the children had not caused any harm.

In an interview with the Pasco Police, they shared with La Voz newspaper calls to 911 from Nixon Street in total since 2010, 9 pages and a total of 435 calls between the two families and neighbors calling the police for accusations of harassment, high music, a lot of noise, false reports and others and during the interview in which the newspaper La Voz investigated between the 2 families, 20 arrests by Juventino Sr, Juventino Jr., up to the lady of the house Imelda with 3 arrests and with the Ceja family with no arrest, Sergeant Pruneda said; ‘Of all the calls to the police that the evidence and reports never found the Ceja family to be the culprits of all the accusations on the part of the Soto family.

The Soto family not only harassed the Ceja family on Nixon Street, but also outside the neighborhood such as in public places. On two occasions at the Wildhorse Casino located in Pendleton, Oregon, the Ceja couple went to the Casino for a day off and found others in the family enjoying the day when the Sotos found Alma Ceja alone in the Casino and began harassing her. Later, security arrived and the son Juventino Soto Jr. was arrested. On another occasion, the Ceja couple were in the Casino another day and Eutiguio accompanied his wife Alma Ceja to the bathroom and waiting for his wife outside the bathroom when Juventino Sr. and Jr. They found Eutiguio outside the bathroom standing alone and began to harass Eutiguie Ceja and security arrived at Ceja's defense, where Jr was arrested, for the reason that he was breaking a restraining order.

Testimonials from various neighbors
Jorge Mendoza, who lives next to the Ceja family since they moved to Nixon Street as neighbors, said; "I have never had any problems with the Ceja family" and we have not made friends between the two families and they are good neighbors. "I want to say that when my wife was pregnant there was a disagreement with the Sotos and that's when Imelda Soto yelled at her wife and family that she called immigration because they are wetbacks. Mendoza also said; I would like a solution is this problem with the Soto family and all the neighbors.

Several neighbors spoke to the newspaper La Voz and several gave written testimonies to the Franklin County Superior Court against the Soto family, such as the neighbor Trinidad Vargas harassing the Soto family, especially Imelda from lying down every time she is walking on the sidewalk of Soto's house and when he is cleaning his yard is when Imelda Soto yells rude words at him like, "F_ _ ken Wetback" and that I am "Puto", F_ _ken Mexican and that he is going to call ICE to report it to get him out of the country, and more than anything that she had the information about him and his family and that ICE would soon arrive at her home. Nobody likes being outside their house because they are harassed by Imelda and the Quezada-Soto family, Vargas said.

Likewise, another neighbor Gaudencio Armenta said in his testimony to the Superior Court, he said; "Every time I pass by the Sotos' house" they start shouting rude words at me and harassing me "even in public places such as at the gas station, casino in the mall and food stores when I come across them," said Armenta. He also shares that he visited the DSHS office where Imelda Soto works, because Soto continues to lie to Armenta that she had Armenta's private information and with the information and address she would call ICE to send him to Mexico, yelling at Armenta that it was "wetback".

"Aileen" Ceja wrote in a letter the judge that when she was 16 years old she witnessed that the Quesada-Sotos harassed her father that they "would kill" him and hurt his body where she was scared for her father Eutiguio and scared of going outside, and is worried for her life.
Jorge Mendoza Jiménez, another neighbor of the Ceja / Sotos wrote in his letter to the judge that he is the victim of harassment from Juventino Sr and Jr. along with Imelda Quesada Soto. Living in her house since 1999 and when the Soto family arrived in 2004 the problems with my family began. Many problems with the Sotos, but more than anything with Imelda Soto, on one occasion Jorge said 'I was changing my oil in my truck when Imelda Soto passed by in her car and I yelled at my wife “FAT COW” for no reason and feeling that my 8-year-old daughter was in danger, then I called the police and Imelda was arrested for harassing my family, Jiménez wrote in her letter to the judge.

Another neighbor by the name of Caritina García, wrote in her letter to the judge defending Eutiguio Ceja in a court where Imelda Soto was requesting a Restraining Order against Ceja saying; " I am a 65-year-old person and at my age, I cannot defend myself very well and I am afraid of Imelda Soto” and I witness that Imelda Quesada yells curses at Ceja and her family and that she is always using racist words against all the neighbors including me; Garcia said. Imelda Soto says that in her work she has all the private information of each neighbor that they are illegal or wetbacks and that she is going to call immigration to get them all out of the country.

Eutiguio Ceja says that Imelda Soto and Juventino Sr. bothered him in his construction work where he works with insolation, by calling his boss that Ceja was lying on his work card and that he was at home and not working for the company. The head of the work Tawnya Knudson, an American, wrote in her testimony in a letter to the judge that Ceja's accusations were not true and that they called more than once, but they knew that they were only accusations against Ceja.

Counseling service to the Cejas Daughters
At the end of all of this in a letter written by Alma Virgen Ceja to the judge saying that she is worried about her husband, son and daughters and even had to take mental professional help especially for her daughters because they were living in fear of what could happen with their family. Alma, I visited the DSHS work where Imelda Soto worked, not to ask to be detained or to cause problems for her, but that she wanted to know that if it was true that Imelda Soto could use the Ceja family's private information to call Immigration. Just as she wrote that she had evidence that Imelda Soto had told the police that she worked with the State of Washington and her position and information that she had, she could use the information to call immigration, Imelda Soto does not know anything about the documentation Ceja family and they always yell at them that they are "wet" and that all the other neighbors are also "wetbacks."
A document was written by Teresa Avalos, Ed.M. Counselor and Graduate of Mental Health and Office of “The Chaplaincy” said through a letter delivered to the newspaper La Voz, “with a visit with Aileen and Zulma Ceja and that the 2 daughters needed a professional counselor because they lived in fear and with much stress and worried about their lives being harassed by Imelda, Juventino Sr. and Juventino Jr. And that the 2 daughters live in danger from the Soto family and could not sleep at night.

Restriction Order
On one occasion, Imelda Quesada Soto went to the Franklin County Superior Court to request a restraining order against the Ceja family, especially the neighbor Eutiguio Ceja, but with all the letters and witnesses from the Ceja family defending themselves in court. , the judge denied the restraining order to neighbor Imelda Soto due to lack of evidence of her accusations against the Ceja family.
In the year 2007 of the month of August, Zulma Ceja daughter of Eutiguio and Alma Ceja went to the Franklin County Supreme Court and asked the judge for a Restraining Order against Juventino Sr, Juventino Jr. and also asked the judge protection against, Imelda Quesada Soto, because she was afraid of her.

Written in the court document, Zulma testified; "That she and her friend Amanda Mascorro were walking and that Juventino Soto arrived and her mother Imelda and Jr. got out of her car and shouting rudeness and harassed them with a" manopla "or better known as" Bronze Knuckles ", she continued saying that Imelda harassed her with "rude" words and then the Sotos drove home and Zulma and her scared friend arrived at the Cejas' house and called the Pasco Police, but were attacked by the daughter Breda Soto where they also shouted with rude words at them and before they entered Ceja's house. Juventino Soto left the house and harassed her little brother, yelling at him and saying in English “Your  gonna get blasted, with a gun”. Likewise in the same petition to the Court, Zulma wrote that Imelda Quesada-Soto was attacking her when she worked in Pasco's “la flega” going through her work yelling and cursing and on another occasion Zulma was walking to school and Imelda kept asking questions of his family scaring her.

The Franklin County Superior Court signed the petition for the Restraining Order of Zulma Ceja against the Soto family where they had to leave Zulma in peace at the Ceja family's home address, the Pasco High School, Zulma's work and in public places. The Soto family denied all the accusations from Zulma Ceja, but the judge took Zulma Ceja's accusations seriously and that they were true and signed the Restraining Order.

Videos on Facebook
In a video on the Facebook page it is shown where Juventino Sr. Soto was captured by the Ceja family camera when a child left his bicycle on the sidewalk in front of the Sotos' house and in the video Juventino Sr was stepping on it with blows to the child's bicycle, damaging the child's bicycle.
In another video, the Facebook page of Zulma Ceja and her father Eutiguio Ceja can contradict videos of evidence of the actions of the Soto family and neighbors. On July 4, the Soto family reported to the newspaper La Voz that they were with the whole family enjoying a barbecue in their own yard celebrating Independence Day of the United States when neighbors arrived shouting rudeness to the Soto family and in the video there is evidence that it is certain that the Soto family who were in their own yard and the neighbors shouting in front of the Sotos' house. This if it was true that the Soto family were in their own yard, but what they shared was that it began that the neighbors came to Sotos' house and it came to a shout from both sides and where the police were called to the Nixon street once again and I share the report or document of the report that the Soto family began to yell at the children of several neighbors who passed by the family's house on the sidewalk. Zulma Ceja daughter, writes in the video:

“Many of you don't know, but there is a racist family in my neighborhood. That will harass all the neighbors, visitors and young children. They say they are not Mexican because they are from Texas and on July 4 they decided to start yelling at young children while playing in the street. Say that they cannot play in the street because they were Mexican and they will return home yelling at the small children. As a community, we are tired of suffering from name calls and racial assaults that they make every day. All the people in the video live in the neighborhood and are tired of his behavior. We have been bothered with this for years and as you can see at the end of the video the police do nothing about it. We can't even enjoy our patios because they will continually call us names and bother us for no reason. This has to stop! ️
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