Univision Joins Nielsen TV Index

Spanish-language media company Univision Communications and Nielsen Media Research have reached an agreement under which Univision will join Nielsen's national TV ratings service, the Nielsen Television Index (NTI).

Univision will become the first Spanish-language television network to be included in the service, which provides television ratings for all the major U.S. Networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

Previously, the Univision Network solely subscribed to Nielsen's National Hispanic Television Index (NHTI), which measures only Hispanic audiences. Univision will also continue to subscribe to NHTI.

"This is a historic step for Univision, which firmly plants us among the mainstream broadcasters," said Ray Rodriguez, President and Chief Operating Officer, Univision Communications. "Univision will finally be measured alongside its main competitors, the major English-language broadcast networks, and for the first time, advertisers and media buyers will be able to see the audience Univision delivers in the national charts. We're confident that this move will validate Univision's ability to successfully compete against any network in the country and provide us with a powerful tool to attract marketers that had previously been reluctant to advertise in Spanish."

As part of the agreement, Univision will maintain its subscription to NHTI until September 2007, when the National People Meter (NPM) sample, upon which NTI is based, will become the sole sample for both English-language and Spanish-language media. The NPM sample, comprised of approximately 10,000 households, is subscribed to by broadcast networks, cable networks, syndicators, advertisers and agencies nationwide.

We are delighted to welcome Univision as the first Spanish-language NTI network," said Sara Erichson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Nielsen's national services. "As we move toward one comprehensive ratings system, we will continue to work with all of our clients to ensure that the NPM sample appropriately represents the growing U.S. Hispanic population. In the meantime, NHTI is still the largest, most representative national sample of Hispanic audiences currently available."

Data for Univision will be available in the NPM sample and corresponding reports and software systems, beginning December 26.

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